Sunday, May 1, 2011

Debian Wheezy/Sid/testing


I rarely blogged here - since most of the time I wasn't using Debian, but it's derived work - Ubuntu. Now that I'm getting bored facing the workable and hardly to break distro, I dare myself to use Debian Testing for my Dell D430 laptop.

The installation isn't taking so much pain, but the first problem that I met is my keyboard and my mouse weren't worked even during the GDM session. I managed to use its rescue DVD and get  the shell works. Later I installed gpm and walla, it's worked.

I hanged at #debian but the communities suggested udev to be backdated(meaning, since I am using Testing distro, it will break, and don't complain, use Stable instead). However prior to trying udev workaround, gpm IS the answer and it's working. Experience does solve this problem.

Actually I installed OpenSuse 11.4 before.. since I want to open my opinion to other distro as well. But I keep breaking my machine, and does not get my binaries straight away.. meaning it lacking software compared to Debian based.

Debian however, lacking Kamoso, a webcam software that I chose to record. (actually I'm using ffmpeg to, but ffmpeg does not show real time video, I don't want to spend my time write another script just for that).

So still, Ubuntu IS the most relaxing distro for desktop as for me, as for now.
Trolls are welcomed.